General information

Statistics and Research Åland (ÅSUB) is an independent public organization supervised by a board of experts and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Åland. The institute functions as the official statistics authority in Åland and as such it is responsible for the production and dissemination of statistical data on the Åland Islands. Moreover, the institute carries out qualified research and studies. The Board supervises the activities of the institute and approves the annual plan of operations. The general directives of the institute are determined by the Government of Åland.

ÅSUB produces official statistics in areas such as population, rents, tourism, national accounts, wages and salaries, public finances and education. The institute participates in Nordic and international cooperation within the field of statistics. The aim is to produce versatile, up-to-date, reliable statistics that are comparable with the statistics of other countries and produced with scientifically approved methods and principles regarding the collection and processing of data observing the demands of international treaties. ÅSUB applies the criteria of the United Nations regarding qualified production of national statistics: quality, independence, credibility, relevance, comparability and respect of the rights and confidentiality of the information sources. Moreover, ÅSUB carries out different kinds of statistical compilations, analyses and forecasts for external customers.

The research activities are primarily aimed at producing in-depth knowledge of the conditions for the development of the Åland economy in a changing international environment. ÅSUB plays an important part in the collection and processing of the data required by the government for decision-making in, for example, the EU-process. Another important research area is evaluations and analyses of different programmes and politically governed measures to develop the Åland economy. Furthermore, ÅSUB develops economic models and regularly produces up-to-date analyses, status reports and surveys based on questionnaires assigned by external customers in as well as outside Åland. ÅSUB employees participate in several international expert groups concerning research on the integration development in the Nordic countries and their immediate surroundings.